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Munashe Naphtali Mupa

Munashe Naphtali Mupa is a serial entrepreneur with vested interest in Education, Insurance & Investment and Strategic Management Consulting.


Munashe Mupa

Energy, Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions Expert

Despite his entrepreneurial thrust, Munashe has also invested a lot of time developing a well rounded resumé within the energy management sphere.

As an expert in both corporate and academics, Munashe has worked in a number of senior roles and has specialised in many areas within the energy industry including, energy Mergers & Acquisitions, Energy & Environmental Law, Energy Risk Management, Energy Digital Transformation & Cyber Security and Energy Growth, and Turnaround Strategy in general among many other areas

Munashe is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant was named the youngest Fellow of the Institute for 3 consecutive years 2019 to 2021. He is also a Chartered Global Management Accountant.

Munashe is one of the pillars in Strategy and decision making in the Management Accounting space and worked as a Technical Advisor for the University of South Africa’s senior Lecturers (a position which was just created only for him).

Munashe sits on a number of boards since he has diverse skills and extensive knowledge in many areas and this has resulted in the success of many organisations he has been involved with.

Munashe also sits on the CNBC panel of experts in areas of Strategy, Governance, Risk, and Sustainability.


Enock Gava

Enock Gava current responsibilities includes estimating future energy product demands, planning inventory flow, analyzing statistical data, generating forecasting solutions, weighing up and managing risk associated with the energy products and assessing regulations and financial risk in the energy firms.


Enock Gava

Energy Risk Consultant

Enock Gava is an Energy Risk Consultant in the Energy and Environment policy/practice, focusing on Energy economics.

He has a special interest in Energy Risk Assessment and modelling, Renewable Energy Consumption and its impact on the economy, Elimination of Energy subsidies and the impact on the economy, Competition and regulation in the electricity industry and Energy pricing.

Enock has a Master’s of Philosophy Degree in Applied Economics from the University of Pretoria. His studies focused on Quantitative Methodologies.